Providence Old Rock Church Wedding
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Providence Old Rock Church Wedding

There is something special about wedding days, even from the perspective of outsiders like us. However, the focus of the day is not on the alluring venues or the captivating courtyard we so often visit; The magic of the day comes from the couple, and as such, we use every technique in our disposal to make them the center of attention. In this specific shot, we put our skills to work in attempt to bring everyone’s attention to the bride by blending the background into a subtle bokeh. As the stone wall behind her faded away, the shot became better and better.

The photo was taken during their first dance. The couple was enjoying a moment together. At this time, it seemed like they were the only two people in the world. As I adjusted camera settings, it was exciting to hide on the sidelines of their dance and realize I was going to capture something magical. That soft sunlight flare wasn't actually sunlight! It was an off camera flash with a soft box on it. With the perfect angle, we added a little extra highlight to this photo. The soft box light burst through the scene and spotlit the couple. What a perfect candid moment, made better by a little something extra from a light.

Location: Providence, Utah.

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