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Why do I need two photographers?

By working as a team, we are able to accomplish things things that can't be accomplished by a single photographer. During family, engagement and bridal/formal sessions, we take turns shooting and assisting each other with lighting, posing, etc. We hand the camera back and forth as we each have different creative visions. On the wedding day there are times (i.e. getting ready, bouquet toss, cake cutting, walking down the aisle) when we both shoot, catching the moment from different perspectives and angles. There are also times when one of us shoots, and the other assists with lighting. You get two experienced photographers, who always work together and often know each other's thoughts.

Do you provide full size digital images with a print release?

Yes. Depending on the crop, most of the images will print as big as 32x48.

What is your editing process?

After your photo shoot, our work continues. We begin by sifting out shots with eye blinks, shots where the flash did not fire, someone walked in front of the lens, etc. We then take all the the RAW files – the digital version of a film negative – and enhance your images. We carefully make adjustments such as color and contrast to every image your receive. Despite the effort we put into enhancing your photos, we normally complete the editing in only 3-4 weeks.

How many digital photographs will I receive?

1 hour portrait sessions produce an average of 40 high quality edited images.

1.5 hour engagement, bridal and formal sessions produce an average of 60 high quality edited images.

On wedding days, we average 80 high quality edited images per hour.

Do you offer professional print products?

Your images are offered in canvas prints, traditional prints, wedding albums, and other print products from one of our professional labs. Photo print labs are not all created equal. It's disheartening to see disappointment with prints produced by big box store labs. We highly encourage the use of a professional print lab. Your family, friends and future generations will adore your photographs displayed as enlarged prints and/or canvases on your wall.

How do you choose a portrait or engagement session location?

Portraits are all about the subject/person. The way light makes your eyes sparkle. The way light models the contours of your face and highlights your hair. The background should complement, enhance and draw attention to the subject. When choosing a location, lighting should be the first thing considered. We can create great portraits in any location lighting situation using flash and scrims. However, good natural/ambient light allows us to create more stunning portraits in a shorter amount of time. We help you choose a location that gives you the look you want and helps maximize great portraits.

What should we wear?

Clothing and accessories should match your personality and speak to who you are. Normally, couples and families should not wear the exact same colors. You don't need to "match." However, your clothing should be complementary; colors should not clash. Don't be afraid to use some vibrant color, accessorize and wear layers. Avoid tight pinstripes. Be careful with baggy, boxy clothing as it often not flattering in photographs. If you have questions about specific clothing, please feel free to ask and we can help.

What happens if it rains on the day of our session?

Our clients, especially brides, usually hope and pray for bright sunny days. We have to confess...we hope for some cloud cover. Clouds turn the sun into soft, flattering light. While rain and snow make things more difficult and slow us down, it can produce amazing and interesting photographs. Really high winds and really cold weather create more challenges. On the wedding day, the show must go on, and we will work with the weather. If the wind is causing it to rain sideways on the day of your portrait session and we can't find a break in the weather, we will gladly reschedule.

Do you shoot posed and candid shots on the wedding day?

Yes and Yes. We always shoot posed family formals and posed/creative formal shots of the bride and groom. We document your wedding day using a creative journalistic approach taking full advantage of two photographers. There is nothing more rewarding than capturing tender candid moments though out your day.


Please contact us for our current wedding and portrait pricing. While we offer set packages, we often customize packages to meet your specific needs. We look forward to hearing from you. Please ask any questions you might have and give us more information about what you're looking for.