Moab Utah Wedding Photographer
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Moab Utah Wedding Photographer

Sometimes as a wedding photographer in Logan, Utah, you get a little used to the scenery and want a change in your photography background for a minute. When this couple asked us if we could go to Moab to do their engagement photos, we were thrilled to make their vision a reality. Now let's shift gears and talk about planning your clothing for engagement photos. There are a few things to consider that quite often many couples don't think about. I'll bring up a few points in each post. One thing I would recommend, pick out your clothing and try it on and snap a selfie with your outfit. Snap it from different angles. Make sure you like the way you look when you're on camera. Sometimes clothing translates differently than reality behind the lens. While we, as photographers, can change your pose and use objects to alter certain aspects of your clothing, it's best if you love what you're wearing from most angles from the start. So please, embrace the selfie for just long enough to make sure all of your outfits look good at every angle. Or if the selfie doesn't work, ask your fiance to take one for you. ;) But keep in mind, the photographer has different lenses that make change the look. If you're on the outer edge of a wide angle shot, it's going to make you look wider. If they're shooting with a longer lense, depending on the angle, it can be more minimizing.

Location: Moab, Utah.