Logan Utah Wedding Photographer at Sunset
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Logan Utah Wedding Photographer at Sunset

Being a wedding photographer in Logan Utah in the summer is the best. Cache Valley has some of the most amazing sunsets. It feels like the sunsets are breathtaking more often than not. Beware or you might pass out! Seriously beautiful.

But beyond the amazing sunsets, it's even better photographing incredible couples that share a deep love and committment to one another. Brian and Kendra were no exception. As a lovely Southern gal, Kendra came to school far from home in Logan at Utah State. Brian was more of a local guy, but fell for her southern charm. And charm she has more than in abundance.

I loved watching the way Brian cared for Kendra. He treated her like the Southern Belle she was, but she treated him so lovingly back. They both seemed to have a natural ability to put the other's needs above their own.

Not only did they treat each other well, they also were both very laid back. They seemed to be enjoying the ride of planning a wedding. Having a couple that is relaxed during the session helps us to get better pictures! If you want to get amazing wedding photos, first, hire a great photographer, then second, enjoy the journey. If you're stressed out and uptight, it will show in your photos. Yes, planning a wedding can be stressful. Yes, even planning your wedding photography can cause you stress if you let it, but take a minute to breathe, plan extra time to help keep you calm when things get behind and leave the rest up to your photographer.