Utah Logan Canyon Bridal Photography
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Utah Logan Canyon Bridal Photography

Bridal Wedding Portraits in Logan Canyon, Utah

Where to start with this absolutely gorgeous bride? She was a joy to photograph.

She confided in us part way through the session that she was terrified to get her photos taken. We were shocked. She seemed so comfortable in front of the camera. We'd direct her with posing and she had no problem making the photo look beautiful from our end. It goes to show you that most people probably aren't completely relaxed with a camera in their face. But give us a little time. We'll help you relax. When she confided in us, she said that the experience we gave her was not at all what she expected... it was so much better and we helped her feel confident with the camera. Part of that came from showing her the back of the camera, so she could see what beautiful photos we were getting of her. It also came as we talked with her and helped her to relax and realize it wasn't going to be a stressful session. Honestly, we had so much fun photographing her. She was up for any adventure we wanted to take her on and that willingness to let us take a risk paid off in the gorgeous photos we ended up with.

Location: Logan Canyon, Utah.

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