Moab Utah Wedding Photography
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Moab Utah Wedding Photography

As wedding photographers in Logan, Utah, we spend much of our time shooting in Cache Valley, but when an opportunity arises to travel outside the area and take some beautiful wedding photos in different scenery, we are all over that! Moab has many interesting landmarks, formations and colors. We really love branching out occasionally. That day of photography was the craziest weather day I've ever seen. It is about a 5 hour drive from Logan to Moab, so we drove down the night before. That morning, we woke up to rain, rain and more rain. We kept hoping it would stop, but it didn't for a few hours. Finally it quit and we saw our chance and the couple over as quickly as possible. We wanted some morning shots and evening shots, but red rock and rain and sand and a wedding dress really don't mix all that well. With the temperatures down there, the ground soaks up water super quickly, but red sand and a wedding dress don't mix. We enjoyed our shooting time with beautiful weather. With the crazy rain just before, we were worried the whole time, but we watched carefully so we could keep the dress remotely clean. Minutes after this shot, the rain started lashing again. I mean lashing. We got her in her car and buckets of muddy rain came. We felt very blessed to have been able to get the morning shots we needed before the rain scared us away from taking any more photos. I mean, rain pictures are fine and all. We shoot in the rain all the time, but mud and a white dress are a little riskier.

Location: Moab Utah.