Senior Stylized Shoot Utah
Convincing Image

Senior Stylized Shoot Utah

You live in Logan, you're planning on doing high school senior photos, and you want something different for your session. What do you do? 

First of all, you call us at Convincing Image Photography. Why? Because we will work with you to create a unique session to fit what you're looking for. So then we start planning...

Unless you're comfortable with your makeup artistry skills, we recommend hiring a professional. At the same time, we also recommend someone that won't go over the top with the makeup. You still want to look like you (remember the old Glamour Shots in the 90's? No you dont? Oh that's right, you weren't born yet. I'll just say this, big hair, extreme makeup and the ladies no longer looked like any resemblance of themselves. Please, don't go overboard. Your mom and your future self will thank you.)

Back to our session, get some simple hair and makeup done... then let's get started. We'll talk about you. We'll talk about what makes you tick. We'll discuss what makes you feel special. We'll learn what makes you unique. And after we've worked that all out, we'll plan a date and go make some gorgeous pictures! Your mom will like them because we're classy photographers. You will like them, because you'll feel pretty. And your dad will like them because we won't make you look like you're much older than you are. So just call us. Let's get started!

Location: Hyde Park, Utah.