Logan Wedding Photographers in the grain
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Logan Wedding Photographers in the grain

Hey couples! You're engaged! You're getting ready to have your engagement photos taken! How exciting!! 

But you have to pick what to wear. And you have to decide on the most perfect spot. How do you go about doing that? 

Definitely work with your photographer. They will likely know lots and lots of locations. Before you suggest somewhere, make sure it's either a public space or if it's private property, make sure you have the proper permission. #1 rule for us! 

So you've found a great spot. Take that into consideration as you're choosing your clothing. You want clothes that fit your personalities and help tell your love story. 

Regardless of your style, there are a couple of things that we'll tell you will make our life easier. Please don't wear any clothing with big logos on the front. In the 90s (think Gap shirt) that may have been acceptable, but no more. :) We want the focus to be on you and your sweetheart, not the big logo on your shirt. 

Next, avoid clashing patterns. A little bit of pattern is cool. Floral, chevron and plaid all in the same photo may be too much of a distraction. Just don't please. I want to see your face when I look at the picture. So we're good? Let's get those engagement photos taken!

Location: Hyrum, Utah.