Benson Cache Valley Photograph Locations
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Benson Cache Valley Photograph Locations

We love taking engagement photos in Cache Valley! There are so many pretty places, so many pretty people and so much creativity to be created. As a husband and wife photography team, we always work hard to try to find and create unique pictures for each engaged couple. Our photographic style is different than most in this area. One thing about our style is it reflects a more clean and classic style than many photographers. Our goal is to make pictures for you that you will still like in 20 years. Having a style that looks more true to life means your photos won't be dated. They will just look like pretty photos from your wedding or your engagements. We want every photo to look good when we take it in camera. We also want it to look even better printed than just on a computer or mobile device. When a photo is overly grainy or the subject isn't actually in focus, the picture will look terrible in print. We know how to make sure the subject is sharp, even if the background is out of focus (hello, bokeh, we love you too! But only when it's intentional!) Pretty photos in pretty places that look good printed... that's our goal for every single photograph we take!

Location: Benson, Utah .