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Winter Wedding Photos in Logan Utah

We love our job! Being wedding photographers in Logan, Utah and the surrounding areas can't be beat! One thing about Logan, though is that the weather can be unpredictable... especially in the winter! We have a few important suggestions for couples taking wedding photos in the winter. First and foremost, bring layers! I mean layers! If you're the bride, wear light colored fleece lined leggings under your dress (as long as your dress is long). I've told brides this many a time and we've never had a problem with the leggings showing up in pictures. Also, if you're wearing cute shoes, bring an extra pair of warm boots for walking between shots. If it's muddy out, you'll thank me later. To keep warm, we also highly recommend buying hand warmers and toe/foot warmers. You can buy them at most stores that have any sort of a sporting goods sections. With the hand warmers, pull them out of the package a few minutes before your session starts and shake them. The oxygen in the air will help them get warm. Put the toe warmers directly in your shoes. It helps if you have some sort of a sock or nylon on, but one of my brides didn't wear them and she said her toes were perfectly warm the whole session. Plan to take breaks during your session. While red faces tell the story of the cold air, you don't want a lot of pictures with bright red faces (if you're anything like me, all you have to do is walk out in the cold and your face goes red.) Lastly, I'm sure there are many other ideas of how to keep warm and I know your fiance will do a decent job of keeping you warm, but beyond that, please bring a coat and blanket for between shots. We won't want you to freeze. If you bring a cute blanket, it can even be used in a handful of photos to add some extra sweetness to the session.

Location: Logan Utah.