Unique Wedding Photographers in Logan
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Unique Wedding Photographers in Logan

Doing something unique can be difficult, but this beautiful couple and a darling flower girl make it easy! A while back, we purchased some rock doves, and even though they look graceful and sleek, they also have the special ability to navigate back to their nests. It takes weeks, even months sometimes to train a rock dove to fly home. After many grueling hours of training and conditioning from many different locations close to home, they were finally flight ready. A dove release can be a beautiful addition to your wedding ceremony. It adds a sense of peace and harmony. The beauty of it is, these birds are trained to do this. It's something that is innately in them. They have a longing for home and often when we fly them, they make it back to their coop before we can drive home. We would love to add a dove release to your wedding. Alternatively, you can have a pair of doves in a cage as decor. These doves are well taken care of. We would be honored if you included them in your session or in your wedding. And as we release them, they fly back home to get ready for the next flight.

Location: Logan, Utah.

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