Moab Utah Formal Wedding Photographer
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Moab Utah Formal Wedding Photographer

Second part to an another wedding story... we are wedding photographers primarily in Logan, Utah, but we often have the chance to travel outside the valley to photograph. This couple chose to have their engagement session in Moab in the morning and a formal session in the early evening. The morning started out with a rain rain and more rain scare. We thought we'd driven all the way to Moab to not be able to shoot. Well, fortunately the rain stopped long enough to get through the engagement session and a first look from the formal session. Then the skies opened and the rain came tumbling down. All afternoon, the rain poured. We drove to the location for the evening shoot and it was still raining. We got the bride out of her car and it was still raining. We decided to give it a go anyway, and the rain stopped. It stopped just for us. We felt very blessed to be able to get some breathtaking shots with just the right amount of clouds. We spent some time by the river. Can you see the mud? Yeah, we were lucky we kept her dress clean. We spend the next hour or so photographing the couple in a variety of looks/landscapes. By the time we finished, we'd had a long day of shooting with both sessions. But the couple was happy with all the shots we got and we felt like we had some lovely photos to add to our portfolio, so off we went. I kid you not, we drove off in the car and the rain started again. Within minutes, it was nearly a flash flood with waterfalls coming off the red rock cliffs. What a perfect blessing for this couple!

Location: Moab Utah.