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Moab bridal photographers

Taking bridal photos in Moab, Utah: If you're planning to get married and you want some different photos than all the local photos, a fun idea is to travel to another location for engagements or bridal photos. It's almost like having a mini destination wedding, but without all the expense of having two weddings. This bride lived and worked in Logan, Utah, in the Cache Valley area. Her groom was going to work as a police officer in Moab, Utah, so she wanted to incorporate the Moab area into their photos. We are willing to travel for photos. We do have to charge a fee for traveling, but if you want something extra special, it's worth the effort. This day was a crazy weather day. Utah can be crazily unpredictable in the weather department. The whole morning rained and rained. It finally stopped long enough for us to do some engagements and then a few bridals. The minute we stopped the bridal session, another downpour hit. That evening we took some pre-wedding photos of the bride and groom together. The rain had just stopped and literally the minute we stopped taking photos, another storm started lashing. No I mean dumping. The rain coming off the mountains was almost unbelievable. I still wish that we would have stopped long enough to get a rain dumping shot. Beyond that, if you want your bridal session to be amazing, even if you're not travelling to a far off destination, find ways to show who you are in your session. It will make the story more memorable and you will treasure the pictures for years to come.

Location: Moab, Utah.