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Logan Wedding Photography

When we walked into Herm's Inn to check out the venue for the wedding we would be photographing soon, Nate saw the bar and said, "I want to take a picture of a bride laying up there." It was a nice thought, but how many brides are willing to listen to their photographer's crazy ideas? Some of those ideas never get to become a reality and occasionally some ideas aren't worth becoming real (don't do anything illegal! No trespassing, people!), but often a crazy idea turns into a beautiful photo. Hopefully your wedding photographer has a creative vision. Not only do you want to have lovely portraits of your wedding day, it's nice to also have some beautiful art to hang on your wall. That said, make sure you check out your photographer's portfolio before your wedding to be sure that their style fits your photography style. You want to have pictures after it's all over that you will be proud to show off to your friends and family. Who doesn't love to relive their wedding over and over? Back to this shot... the reception was almost over and the bride said she was cool with climbing up there. The venue grabbed us a drink for them to sip on and fixed the sign for us (if you look closely the couple's initials are on the specials chalkboard in the background.) A good light to spotlight them, a sweet pose to add some magic to the moment and there's a gorgeous piece for them to hang on their wall.

Location: Herms Inn, Logan, Utah.

1/200; f/10.0; ISO 640; 18.0 mm.