Logan Wedding Photographer Riter Mansion
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Logan Wedding Photographer Riter Mansion

Riter Mansion Wedding in Logan, Utah

We have photographed many weddings over the years. Every single wedding is beautiful, regardless of the decor, budget and all the tiniest details that have been thought out endlessly. What makes a wedding the most beautiful day of your life? It's you!

Sure it's nice to look around at the cute/fancy/ornate/immaculate things that adorn the wedding, but the simplest of weddings are often so meaningful. When a bride and groom plan their wedding with themselves in their planning, the wedding is incredible. I love it when they include something that means something to them. For example, this bride always wanted a masquerade ball for her wedding. So, of course she found a big, beautiful ball gown to wear. They chose a venue based on what would fit that style (a Victorian look reception center fit the bill perfectly.) Include your personality in your wedding. It's more fun for you, for your photographers and it also helps your guests get to know you better. So, forget trends, do your wedding your way and have an amazing day being yourself with your other half. It will be incredible and you won't regret it.

Location: Riter Mansion, Logan, Utah.

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