Logan Utah Wedding Photography Details
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Logan Utah Wedding Photography Details

After spending time at many weddings, we've learned a number of things as the wedding photographers. Although all the details of the wedding are important, one of the most important aspects of the whole wedding is choosing the right dress. It may sound cliche, but the right dress for the bride can set the stage for a beautiful wedding. Alternately, it can detract from the day. With so many beautiful and different wedding dresses, there are options for every body type and style. Although you may absolutely love a certain style of dress it may not fit your body or even image type. For example, a bride with a larger waistline may want to wear an empire style dress to hide her stomach. I would suggest if she were to wear a dress with a fitted bodice, it would not only hide, but also accentuate her curves while also minimizing her waist. Also, she should keep in mind that an empire waist can hide, but with the wrong fabric, it can also cling to areas that you don't want to accentuate. Beyond body type is image style. Think about the ideas for decor of your wedding. If you are styling your wedding in a modern, glitzy style, a simple satin dress wouldn't stand out among your decorations. You and your groom are the main focus of the day. Keep it that way! Wear something that fits your body type and your style. Even the trendiest of wedding dress trends won't work for everyone. Find the one that works for you and flaunt it!

Location: Logan Country Club, Logan Utah.

1/200; f/7.1; ISO 200; 86.0 mm.