Logan Utah Wedding Photographer Miranda & Matt Formals
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Logan Utah Wedding Photographer Miranda & Matt Formals

Let's set the stage. We'd had an amazing formal photography session for Miranda and Matt. They were great sports. From Miranda's 3 hour hair and makeup session, to Matt's last minute addition to the shoot, it had been a bit of a long shoot. We had originally decided to shoot bridals with Miranda, but as the makeup artist finished, we asked her if Matt could come along. He threw on a suit and joined the party. How nice is it to be a guy and not have to spend 3 hours on hair and makeup? Anyway, we'd already spent a long time at our first location and gotten some beautiful shots and we were at our second location - Zollinger Tree farm in Providence, Utah, close to Logan, Utah. It was cold. The end of October in Cache Valley is a little crazy. One day it's 80 degrees, the next day it's 30. This was kind of in between. We were into the session about 2 hours and everyone had given their input into shots. We asked kindly for one last shot, even though it was dark outside. That's where great off-camera lighting comes into play. We sat Miranda on the grass in the middle of the orchard. Matt sat close. "Closer," we said. "No, even closer." We almost felt like we were interrupting a moment between these two. The romance in the air was so thick you could have cut it with a knife. It was a perfect ending to an amazing bridal session. Bringing the groom along was well worth the effort.

Location: Northern Utah.

1/200; f/6.3; ISO 1600; 120.0 mm.