Logan Utah Wedding Photographer Convincing Image
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Logan Utah Wedding Photographer Convincing Image

We love shooting weddings at the Old Rock Church in Providence, Utah because it has so much character and charm in one location. It is easy to find good picture opportunities with so many pretty mirrors and it's historic value found in the small details, like the trim. A pretty venue makes a photographer's job that much easier. Sometimes as a wedding photographer, you set up perfect "moments" to catch on camera, but more often, you have to watch and be ready for them to happen. At Jessica and James' wedding, we loved the details they chose to showcase. I've seen many different ombre wedding cakes, but this was very unique with the colors and the buttercream icing, rather than fondant. The red flowers add a lovely contrast to the turquoise icing. Back to the moment: the reception hadn't started yet. People were milling around the reception hall (Old Rock Church in Providence, Utah) and the cake creator was finishing up the final touches on the cake. Just as she finished, the bride and groom walked up to see her handiwork. Thank goodness for the mirror behind the cake! We had the camera set with a shallow depth of field, to allow the reflections in the mirror to fall out of focus. The focus on the cake, with the couple out of focus, made this shot much more fun than it would have to have had the couple sharp. It adds an element of mystery. Shooting at the Old Rock Church is always fun!

Location: Old Rock Church, Providence, Utah.

1/200; f/5.0; ISO 1000; 125.0 mm.