Logan Utah Temple Bridal Photography
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Logan Utah Temple Bridal Photography

Bridal Portraits taken at the Logan Temple in Northern Utah

The Logan Temple offers the most stunning backdrop for bridal portraits in all of Cache Valley Utah. We love it when we have the opportunity to photograph brides and couples there.

One thing that really struck me about this particular bride is the do-it-yourself nature of she and her mom. She wanted many things done affordably, but also with a beautiful look.

Here are some of her do-it-yourself tips (and what she did):

Her mom picked out beautiful silk flowers from both local shops as well as online retailers. She made sure she found some that looked close to real, not the unimpressive cheaper alternatives. The bouquet was absolutely gorgeous (as you can see in this photo). They spent a little less than they would have on a bouquet from a floral shop, but she was able to use the bouquet for both her bridal session and wedding day photos - no need for two separate bouquets!

This lovely bride also found her dress on amazon.com. What? A wedding dress from Amazon? The dress was much more affordable than the local shops and when she ordered the dress, she put her measurements in and it fit perfectly. If you choose to buy a dress from a cheaper online retailer, make sure they have you put your measurements in to get a perfect fit. Sometimes the dresses come from other countries where the sizing is off from North American retailers. You may get your size small dress and find that it fits an 8 year old. But if you have plenty of time and are willing to roll the dice, you can get great dresses for a great price (she only paid $150 for her dress!)

Location: Logan, Utah.

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