Logan Utah Summer Weddings
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Logan Utah Summer Weddings

What are some tips for your wedding day that will make your photographer love shooting your wedding? 

When you're looking at planning your wedding, there are some truly important details that must be thought out. 

First of all, where is your wedding going to be? Indoors, outdoors? If it is going to be indoors, what is the lighting like? Is there a lot of natural light? Are the windows close to where your ceremony will be? What is the lighting like at different times of day in different places in your wedding venue? 

If it's outdoors, check lighting at different times of day to see what the sun is like and get an idea of where there is shade. If there is not a lot of shade, we highly recommend you plan around the sun. You don't want your wedding pictures to be full of harsh, broken light. You want soft beautiful light. Shade will be your best friend in that situation. 

The best times for lighting are either early morning, or evening. Especially if it's outdoors, plan your ceremony around the best light, if possible. Sometimes it's not possible, but in that case, be sure to find some good shade to keep the lighting soft and pretty. 

Location: Riter Mansion, Logan, Utah.

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