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Logan Utah Silhouette Photographer

This is a prime example of our signature silhouette: The sun captures perfectly the beauty of the moment as it accentuates the frills of the dress, the poise of an elegant couple, and their love for each other. While many other photographers choose to bombard their customers with light from only the brightest of days, we utilize every type of weather. Using clouds to synthesize a soft, creamy sunset, as depicted here, is one of our specialties. We want to capture the sunset in its full glory on your wedding day. With our extensive understanding of how to use our camera to create different types of moods and lighting, we can capture all parts of your day and show off all the aspects of the beauty of your wedding.

The beauty of a silhouette, as just one part of your wedding photograph gallery, is that is takes the distractions out and captures just what is in the moment. It shows off the couples profiles, including their smiles. It also highlights the mood without potential color distractions from a tie, florals or anything else. To break it down- it simplifies the moment. Please ask us if we can get a silhouette shot on your day. With the simplicity, it may be your favorite shot!

Location: Logan, Utah.

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