Logan Temple winter wedding
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Logan Temple winter wedding

We've been the photographer for a lot of weddings in Logan Utah, but the winter of 2015 was a weird one. There was hardly any snow throughout the winter. Just a small storm on Christmas Eve and a few little flurries in January. Other than that it was bare. The problem with bare winters is it makes for a lot of blah. When it's January in Northern Utah and it's cold and everything looks a little brown, how do you spice up your wedding photos? You use a bright orange vintage car, of course! The couple had a family member with this beauty. They were married at the Logan Temple and had this vehicle close by for after the ceremony to drive to the next wedding venue. Now, had we not had this bright orange baby to brighten up the pictures, what would we have done? Don't worry, there are lots of ways to make what may seem like a boring background beautiful and unique to you. First, we use off camera lighting to enhance the natural light. I'm not going to lie, January in Utah is often devoid of much natural light. It pretty much looks like you're swimming in a swamp with the bad air and the lack of sun. That's why a little light enhancing makes your pictures stunning. What else can we do? We can find architexture and other backgrounds to add visual interest. Or sometimes we make the background completely dark and focus on just the two of you. Creating our own lighting makes that possible.

Location: Logan Temple, Logan Utah.