Logan Backyard Ceremony Photographs
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Logan Backyard Ceremony Photographs

Logan Wedding Photography - Backyard Ceremony

A perfect backyard wedding at the end of the summer. What a way to ring in the fall! The season in Cache Valley when a backyard ceremony and reception is wise is pretty short. In the spring, the weather changes more than a girl changes her outfit to go on a date. In the fall, it's generally pretty nice, but that can change on a moment's notice. The August-September window is generally ideal. In the afternoon, it is still pretty hot, but by evening it's nice and cool.

This couple picked that beautiful window for their wedding. They chose to get married late in the afternoon to take advantage of the beautiful sunlight filtering through the soft haze. By the time their reception arrived, the sun had set and it was cool and perfect out.

It was one of those days where the hazy sky worked so well in our advantage. It made it so the light softened and it added a golden glow to the day. I highly recommend choosing a ceremony time later in the day if you're getting married outside in the summer. Morning light is also nice, but getting everyone ready that early can be a challenge! You won't regret having beautiful lighting for your ceremony.

Location: Richmond, Utah.

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