First Look Wedding Photos at Logan Temple
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First Look Wedding Photos at Logan Temple

Logan Temple Wedding Photography - First Look! Ahh, the first look. One of those things that most brides are almost ridiculously excited about and most groom cringe at. Let me tell you though, the first look always makes us, the photographers, smile. Nate always has to give our grooms a pep talk before we get to the first look. The pep talk is the same every single time. He always reminds them that the first look is not about the look you give. It's not about giving your bride the perfect expression on your face (although this groom did give his bride that genuine excited face, but that was his personality!). He goes on to tell them that the important thing is not your look, it's how you're feeling at that moment. Every time you look back at the first look pictures, you will remember the moment you first saw your future bride and you will feel that excitement and joy again. I'm sure it helps make the moment more memorable that we like to torture our grooms a little bit. We usually make him wait while we take pictures from different angles, all while he is impatiently waiting to see her, sometimes even holding hands or her whispering in his ear. Keep in mind that at this point, he still hasn't seen her. Yes, torture is fun. But we love it, the bride loves it and the groom seems to tolerate it. Once the actual first look is over with, we will give you a few minutes to enjoy the moment. *Sigh* what a sweet couple.

Location: Logan Temple Utah.