Cache Valley Wedding in Spring
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Cache Valley Wedding in Spring

As a wedding photographer, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get the shot, within reason, of course. We saw the beautiful spring blossoms gently falling from the trees in Downtown Logan, Utah and I couldn't resist capturing the falling blossoms on camera. 

What to do though when you really want to get a higher camera angle? You climb the tree, of course! This is why it's amazing to have both husband and wife on every shoot. One person (generally the smaller wife) climbs the tree after the (stronger, taller husband) other boosts them up into the tree then hands them the expensive camera equipment, lest you drop it as you are climbing the tree. No camera equipment was harmed in the shooting of this image... thankfully! 

The only downside of being the smaller wife that gets to climb the tree is that as a wedding photographer, you want to dress nicely for your shoots and quite often that means heels on the dress shoes. So yes, I did climb the tree with heels on. No people were harmed in the climbing of the tree to capture this image! 

In the end, I felt the effort put into creating this lovely shot was well worth it to get the angle I wanted.