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One of the most fun parts of being wedding photographers is seeing the details of different weddings. In Utah, the styles of weddings are often simpler than other parts of the country, but they are still just as beautiful. 

I love seeing wedding dresses and the styles of different brides. This dress captivated me. The bride chose a champagne color or some may call it blush. It fit her perfectly. It also went very well with her skin tone. If you're trying on wedding dresses, I would see if the store has a couple of different lighting options. Seeing yourself in a dress that is lit by fluorescent lighting is going to be very different than seeing yourself in natural light. Make sure it looks good on you in multiple light sources. 

While we're talking about photos and dresses, taking getting ready shots are in important part of the day. Sometimes the lighting in the bride's room isn't the best. If it's not, make sure your photographer knows how to use lighting to their advantage. You want beautiful photos of your wedding, make sure your photographer knows how to light it. 

For this shot, we had a light on camera, but we bounced it off the wall to help create the softer lighting. 

Location: Riter Mansion, Logan, Utah.