Bountiful Temple Wedding Photos
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Bountiful Temple Wedding Photos

Normally we consider ourselves Logan Utah Wedding Photographers, but we jump at the chance to shoot weddings at other locations. It's always fun for us to try something new and different. It keeps us on our toes looking for what will work in any given situation. Kimberly and Cody were getting married in the Bountiful Utah Temple for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So on a hot August day, we drove down to the beauty of Bountiful. The thing about this location is the temple is high up on the side of the hill. It's also not far from a canyon, so that creates a little wind here and there. Okay, probably more than a little. One of the fun things about being a wedding photographer is trying to find opportunities to use the weather to your advantage. While the heat doesn't always seem to be a benefit, a little wind is helpful in cooling off wedding guests and for us in this situation, blowing layers of tulle and satin around to create some beautiful flow to her dress. We added her veil to the foreground just to give it a little extra dreaminess. So yes, use the weather to your advantage, and make sure as the bridal party that you're prepared for any type of weather, just in case. Also, remember that crazy weather on your wedding day can be a blessing rather than a curse. It's all in how you look at it. From a photographical standpoint, a little wind is a beautiful thing!

Location: Bountiful Utah.