Wellsville Utah Family Photography
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Wellsville Utah Family Photography

How do you choose a location in Cache Valley for family portraits?

When we talk with a family about doing their family photos, the two biggest questions are what should we wear and where should we go?

That can be a challenge for some families to choose the "perfect" location. But what we always tell our families is that location isn't as important. We can make pretty pictures anywhere. Honestly, we've taken pictures in so many locations that people would look at us with a funny look when we told them where, but after it was over and they saw what we captured, they were thrilled. 

It only takes a small background to make a beautiful portrait. While it's nice to have somewhat of a sweeping view for a handful of pictures, more often than not, you'll only be looking at your face anyway to see what you like. 

All that said, you want to choose somewhere that has elements you want. If you love water in the background, go to a lake, river or reservoir. If you love the mountains, there are many spots throughout Cache Valley that have mountain views. But don't stress about the location. We will work hard to make you look your best and create something you will treasure. 

Location: Wellsville Reservoir, Utah.