Utah Newborn and Family Photography
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Utah Newborn and Family Photography

Weddings and families in Logan, Utah are our photography specialty and often babies come with families, but newborns are a whole different ballgame. While we don't claim to be expert newborn photographers, when the chance arises to take photos of a baby, we'll take it, as long as their parents (and siblings, if applicable) will be a part of it. 

We have found that our style fits better when a family member will join in the photo. Even if it's just a hand or another small part of them, we prefer to shoot newborns that way. 

When we photograph a newborn, we ask that if you would like any props, you provide them. We will come with some neutral colored blankets to add into the photos as a backdrop or to help wrap them, but if you have anything specific (such as this old fashioned scale and basket) that you want, make sure you have it on hand. 

Also with newborns, plan on it taking some time. Be prepared to feed, change diapers and take little breaks to help baby to feel calm. We will do our best to keep the atmosphere calm and soothing by using space heaters and keeping our voices down, so your job is to relax and enjoy the experience. 

Location: Nibley, Utah.