Utah Extended Family Photographer
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Utah Extended Family Photographer

Hey extended families! I'm talking to you! There are a lot of you in this beautiful state of Utah. We know how much our Utah families love getting their photos taken. It's family history, right? So, even if you're not one who loves a photo of themselves, your family loves photos of you. It's possible it's past time for you to get that extended family photo taken. I personally don't believe you need those taken every year. But if your family is having a get together, make some time in your gathering and get those photos taken! I have never heard anyone say that they regretted having photos taken. Yeah maybe in the middle of a session while you're trying to wrangle all the people in to one shot there will be some complaining or some people who really don't want to be there. But after it's all said and done, they will be grateful you took them.

I experienced this with my own extended family. We took some time out (despite a number of people protesting before the shoot) to take our family's photos. There was about thirty of us in all. A few weeks later, my grandma passed away. Those photos are a treasure. Remind everyone that even if they don't want to take the photos, they are not for them. They are for the future! Everyone in my family is grateful we took photos of our whole family with my grandma before she passed away. Just do it. Contact us. We'd be happy to photograph your large family. We have done it many times and are happy to add your family to our list of favorite clients!

Location: Ogden, Utah.