Logan Temple Baptism Best Friend Photos
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Logan Temple Baptism Best Friend Photos

It is an honor and a joy to photograph kids in Cache Valley for their events. What better way to celebrate a child's milestones than with one of their best friends? These two buddies were baptized as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints when they turned 8. It is a fun tradition to have the girls wear a white dress when they get baptized. While many families choose to have their child photographed close to their baptism, to help them enjoy it even more, add one of their friends to the photo shoot. In the Church of Jesus Christ, the children are usually baptized at a church building, not one of the large buildings like a temple, but using the Logan Temple as a backdrop for photos gives the child a beautiful reminder.

One recommendation, if you are having photos taken of just one child, bring along a friend anyway. Kids behave differently when a friend is around. It helps take the pressure off the kids feeling like there is a camera just in their face. It also helps them to laugh more and interact with the camera. If you don't have the opportunity to bring a friend along, bring some items that they love that they can play with during part of the session. The more you can help them relax during photos, the more beautiful the photos will be. I also highly recommend you let the photographer do their job. When a parent is stressed and constantly telling their kids how to stand and act during a session, the kid gets more and more stressed and the photos will show it. Relax and your kids will relax too!

Location: Logan Utah Temple, Logan, Utah.

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