Logan Senior Photographer
Convincing Image

Logan Senior Photographer

Being a Logan Utah Photographer, I often get asked about locations. "Where should we go take pictures?" is usually one of the first questions a client asks us. I can honestly say that it's easy to get good pictures just about anywhere. Often we're hoping for a sweeping view or unique landscapes, and while we enjoy finding new and unique locations, we can make a pretty picture just about anywhere. 

This photo was taken on the roof of the Cache Chamber of Commerce building. It definitely gives you a classic urban feel. But we didn't have to look too far to find it. 

As long as you have permission to be there, finding a great location is easy. There's a few things to look for in locations as you're inspecting. First of all, think about what you'll be wearing. Don't pick a background that will clash with your clothing. Along with that, think about the styling you're going for. If you're going with a boho look, mixing that with architecture may not make sense. Make sure your background/location fits with your clothing choices. 

Second, sometimes the smallest little background can make for a very unique portrait. We often use vents or other equipment to create a different look. 

The possibilities are endless! Contact us to find the perfect spot for your pictures.