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Downtown Logan Utah Photographer

As photographers in Cache Valley, we have so many options for locations to take pictures. But in all reality, you don't need a huge display of a background to get a beautiful photograph. Take this photo, for example. We were in an alley in downtown Logan, Utah. When we're photographing a bright red dress, so we had to consider carefully our options. The dress would be the focal point of the picture, almost regardless of where the picture would be taken. If I took a photo of a pretty girl in a bright red dress in front of a field of colored flowers, everything would be competing for your eye's attention. It's very confusing to the eye and mostly distracting from the subject. So we chose a simple brick wall that would still bring interest to the photograph, but draw your eye to the girl, rather than the background.

Every time we go on a photo shoot, these are the thoughts going through our mind. What kind of background will keep the focus on the people? What colors are they wearing and how can we keep the focus on them with all the colors? How can we balance the background with enough light and light on their faces? Is the background distracting from their face? If they chose to wear a bright color, how can we keep draw the viewer's eyes to their face?

We want your photographs to be about you. A pretty background makes a difference in the visual appeal of a photo as long as it doesn't sidetrack your eyes from looking at your pretty smile.

Location: Logan, Utah.