Cache Wolverines Baseball Photography
Convincing Image

Cache Wolverines Baseball Photography

Team photos in Cache Valley? Yes, please! 

My kids have been on enough teams over the years and perhaps other parents don't mind much, but I kind of get tired of the same ol', same ol' team photo. It's likely the photographer in me that wants something different. 

The most fun thing is to look at the lighting situation, add in our own lighting, and change up the posing from the "look at the camera and smile" pose.

For this photo, we started first thing in the morning and used the sun as a back light. We also used two off camera flashes with soft boxes to make the lighting more dramatic. I wanted more of a rim light than flat lighting on his face. 

I wanted it to look more natural, like they were getting ready to play some ball, so he put his gloves on and stood as though he were prepping to get up to the mound. 

How often do young teenage boys look goofy in their pictures? Find ways to pose them more in natural ways, that they would already stand and see what happens. I'm happier with the final image here than I would have been if he had just stood there and given me a smile. This is more of a poster photo than the other would be. 

Location: Providence, Utah.