Cache Valley Utah Family Photographer
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Cache Valley Utah Family Photographer

Logan Utah Family Photographer

This family wanted photos taken at an easy place to get Cache Valley views and somewhere that's not too difficult to keep kids together. We opted for a location at Utah State University. That's a great location for just about any type of session.

There are some pretty big benefits to have 2 experienced photographers at a family session (not just at weddings!) For me, having a built in assistant is key to getting great portraits. One person is behind the camera, the other is holding and/or moving lights to make sure we have beautiful sparkle in your eyes and also looking for things to make the photos even better. The "assistant" will help with posing, adjusting clothes, working with the lights and quite often, acting like a crazy person to get the kids to look at the camera. But give it a couple minutes, then the assistant becomes the photographer and the photographer becomes the assistant. Why is this good? Because you get 2 creative visions, on top of all the other things I mentioned. One of my favorite things in a family session is when I can turn the camera around and show Mom the picture I just took of her incredible family and she gets so excited. When we took the above photo, the dad was shocked and thought the background looked like it could have been photoshopped because the colors were so vibrant and the lighting on them made them pop off the background.

Location: Old Main Hill, USU, Logan, Utah.

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