Cache Valley Senior Session
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Cache Valley Senior Session

Sunsets can be tricky to photograph when people are in the portrait. I know that I love a good photograph with a beautiful sunset and a beautiful person in it. But if you know very much about photography, you know that to take a pretty sunset photo, it's getting dark outside. It's nearly impossible, in camera, to get a well lit sunset and face at the same time. Here comes off-camera flash to the rescue.

Does it even matter? I think so. I want to give each and every person being photographed the best photo possible. If their face looks as dark as everything around you (except the sky during a sunset), the picture won't look as nice. I guess you can always have a silhouette - where the subject is dark and the sky is behind them. I love a pretty silhouette, but if you want to see their pretty face and the pretty sunset, they need a little light shining! That's where the off-camera flash comes in. It is remotely triggered from a little radio trigger on the camera. That trigger sends the message to a little remote receiver either built in to the flash or attached to it. Some adjustments on the camera and the flash and yay! You've got a pretty sunset and pretty light on your subject. What could be more beautiful?

Location: Benson, Utah.

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