Cache Valley Senior Portraits
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Cache Valley Senior Portraits

I love being a Logan Utah Photographer. We live in such a pretty area. Cache Valley has so much to offer. 

In the summer, there are pretty skies, green grass, dry grass, and beautiful mountains. In the fall, the colors are always stunning all through the whole valley. It's also easy to find ways to get up high enough to see a good part of the valley. In the winter, it's not too hard to find snow capped mountains, brambly trees and maybe even a few flakes floating through the sky. I saves spring for last because I love the blossoms that spring bring. Every year I'm looking for more trees that I can take pictures of. Pinks and whites dot the whole area. 

That's what I love about Cache Valley photography. Every time you step outside, there is something beautiful to photograph. I get excited to find something different every time I pick up the camera. 

If you're hoping to get photos that don't look like all the other photographers', call us. We strive to have a unique look. We always want to make something creative and that tells your story. Our photos are about you, and your story. We will do our best to capture YOU in this beautiful valley!

Location: Logan, Utah.