Cache Valley Senior Portrait Photographer
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Cache Valley Senior Portrait Photographer

Being a portrait photographer in Cache Valley, Utah in the spring is the best! While the weather can be unpredictable, when it's nice, it's NICE outside. The flowers are blooming on the trees, the sun is shining beautifully and it makes photographing high school seniors a dream come true. Since there are more than 5 high schools in the valley currently, it's fun to get to know seniors from the different schools. The rivalry between schools is only moderately crazy since 2 of the schools were built in the last couple of years. Being a smaller valley area, it seems like everyone knows someone you know. In turn, that makes conversations during a session fun. Trying to find connections is what photography is all about. I love talking with one of our seniors and finding out that they know one of my extended family members or their best friend plays a sport my kids plays and we'll see on another at a game soon. Who says that being a small community is a bad thing? It truly makes our photography gig more fun as we get to know and make connections. High school seniors - let's go have some fun!

Location: Logan, Utah.

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