Bear Lake Family Photographer
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Bear Lake Family Photographer

As a photographer in Cache Valley, I know that there are many pretty places close by to take photos. Within the valley, the options are endless. But occasionally we take the opportunity to travel outside the valley to do something different and pretty. 

In this case, we took this beautiful 12 year old girl out for birthday photos. She wanted a look that was pretty and soft. I helped her search for the perfect dress. We found one that fit and had the flow that we were looking for in the water. She almost cried when I told her she'd have to get in the water and get the dress wet. I assured her that we would attempt to wash it later, but no guarantees. (Honestly, though, the dress was only $20 on Amazon, so it wouldn't have been the end of the world if the dress were ruined.) 

Let me tell you something about 12 year olds... quite often they are starting to get into the insecure teenage era of their life. That is why a photo shoot like this is such a wonderful blessing for them. This shoot was a dream shoot for her. For these types of shoots, we don't spend time on hair and makeup. We focus on the young girl's natural beauty. Each and every girl has their own story to tell and we strive to tell it through art dedicated to them. 

Location: Bear Lake West, Garden City, Utah.