Wedding Photos in Logan Canyon
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Wedding Photos in Logan Canyon

Often when you think of engagement photography, the location seems to be the most important detail. But as a wedding photographer, I can tell you that the location, while important, doesn't make or break a session. Ally & Chase wanted to go to a lake the was about an hour away from their homes in Cache Valley, Utah. Bear Lake, as it's called, has so many great spots within a small drive from each other. But you have to drive through a long, somewhat narrow, winding canyon to get to the lake. We decided to break up the drive with a stop in the middle of Logan Canyon just to see what we could find. We tell our clients that it only takes a small background to make a beautiful picture. We stopped at one of our family's cabins along the way to see what may be there. As we drove up, there was a small field of beautiful yellow wildflowers near the cabin. The secret to great engagement pictures is great lighting, interaction between the couple, and finally location. Ally and Chase relaxed quickly after spending just a few minutes with us. When the couple relaxes and has fun, it makes the pictures so much better both for them and for us. While there are many ways to achieve beautiful lighting, we find that a little off camera flash with a modifier makes a big difference. We didn't know for sure what we'd find at the location when we pulled off the road, but we were not surprised to find a great little spot to get some beautiful shots.

Location: Logan Canyon, Utah.

1/200; f/13.0; ISO 200; 120.0 mm.