Engagement Photography in Utah
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Engagement Photography in Utah

I love it when we're photographing an engaged couple and they are up for anything. When Kira and Clay asked us to photograph their engagements and their wedding, we were thrilled because we felt their laid back, fun loving personalities. They asked us to shoot their engagements near their home in Hyde Park, Utah. There were a few fields on their property. Plus many trees and a few wildflowers. We took many pictures of Kira & Clay with the trees, a barn and tall grass. What a beautiful evening! We had a blast with these two. Kira was brave enough to climb on the roof of the barn. Clay carried her piggie back for a few shots, then Kira decided to carry Clay for a few. We had already been taking pictures with them for almost 2 hours (our typical engagement session time) when we asked if there was anything else they wanted. They both shrugged and left it up to us. I saw a firepit and asked Clay if he would be willing to build a fire. He had a roaring fire built in that firepit within 5 minutes. It was the perfect way to end the session. A romantic moonlit (okay, maybe it was off-camera flash lit) moment by the fire. Engagement sessions should be filled with romance and you could feel the romance during the campfire scene. It also made a great picture because it fit their personalities. It was on their property, in their firepit that they hang out with friends at, then just throw in a little love between them and you've got a beautiful picture.

Location: Hyde Park Utah.

1/200; f/8.0; ISO 1250; 50.0 mm.