Cherry Peak Ski Resort Engagements
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Cherry Peak Ski Resort Engagements

There are so many pretty views of the mountains, the valley, the trees, not to mention the lodge at Cherry Peak Ski Resort in Richmond Utah. It's a perfect location for picture taking. First of all, make sure you check with them before planning your engagement session or family session at the resort. They are awesome to work with, but we always ask permission before we go to a location to take photos. It's the right thing to do. Now that we've gotten permission, we can take pretty photos all afternoon. We took this couple up to Cherry Peak for their engagement photos for a few reasons. First of all, she wanted some pretty mountain views. Second, as it turns out, his great grandparents lived not far from there. Talk about adding a little meaning to your session! It's a great idea to make sure your engagement session includes a little bit of you in it. Make sure your clothing choices fit your personalities, add in some props if you feel like it fits your style and pick a location that has some meaning. If you do that, your session will be a success! Who doesn't want a successful, beautiful engagement session?

Location: Cherry Peak, Richmond, Utah.