Cherry Peak Resort Engagement Photographer
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Cherry Peak Resort Engagement Photographer

Hey Cache Valley engaged couples, when you are planning your engagement session, make sure you work with your photographer to find the perfect time of day. On a clear sky day, the most perfect time to take your photos is about an hour before sunset (also known as golden hour). Why that time of day? Because as the sun starts to set, the lighting gets a little softer and more golden (hence the term golden hour). The soft light means pretty light on your face. Sometimes though, the sky doesn't cooperate or maybe your schedule doesn't cooperate. In that case, any time of day works. You can always take a pretty picture in a tough lighting situation, but it's harder. At this session, we had to plan for earlier in the day due to scheduling conflicts. Luckily, it ended up being a cloudy afternoon. That makes things easier in some ways. You don't have to look for shade or put the sun behind the subject. The hard thing is getting the lighting right on the subject's face. With that said, I think despite the difficulties of the lighting, we ended up with a lot of pretty photos. It's a matter of finding the light and using it properly (or adding to it with a little extra touch of light from an off-camera flash).

Location: Cherry Peak, Richmond, Utah.